Grey Notebooks

Vrindavan is a small town in Uttar Pradesh, about two and a half hours from New Delhi, India.

According to mythological tales, Vrindavan is the hometown of Radha, one of the key female figures in Hinduism.

Since the early 19th century, it’s been home to thousands of women who have lost their husbands or exiled from their family, a sanctuary where they would find peace and liberation.

The project seeks to understand Vrindavan through the lives of women residing in the town via their interpretation of loss, love, devotion and sexuality. Moving though conversations, the project dives deep into issues of identity, role, violence and iconography, questioning if such a mythical sanctuary really exists or is it fabricated as part of a larger cultural and class identities in India.

Grey Notebooks has been featured in Tasveer Journal India, Open Show Bangalore, India and was short listed for Tito Awards in 2016.

StudioBhoan - London | New Delhi