The Problem Of Excessive Zeal And Deceptive Media Halo

Photographic and video evidence collected until 2015 showed that the Islamic State had captured about 83 T55 Soviet tanks from the Iraqi Army and Libyan militias.

In November 2015, hacktivist group Anonymous released a list of ISIS-affiliated twitter accounts that they took down.

The two paralle strips on black page imitate the thread marks of a Soviet T55 battle tank and contain Twitter handles of pro-ISIS accounts that were shut down.

27” x 20.8” printed on 35 gsm newsprint.

This poster was exhibited in the ICP Museum (New York) as the part of Perpetual Revolution  - The Image and Social Change Exhibition curated by Carol Squiers.

Other parts of this body of work are available on request.
StudioBhoan - London | New Delhi