Mard - मर्द
1. नर; पुरुष 2. पति। [वि.] वीर तथा साहसी।
1. Man; Male 2. Husband [V] Hero, Courageous and Strong

A patriarchal society perpetuates itself by distorting the identity of the oppressed.  By enforcing inherited ideas of limits and roles, it takes away the power from people to question their actions and responsibilities. In India, this oppression is clearly evident, not just women but generations of men who exist without a self-created understanding of what it means to be a man.

In an attempt to understand how the male identity is formed in a highly regressive society, I photograph my male friends in India. By asking them to present themselves half naked I hope to strip them of a certain male ego, questioning their place in a society built on illusions of power.

The project is in progress

StudioBhoan - London | New Delhi