Last Seen (2015)

How do we define a relationship with an absence? Existing only in a limbo of memories, endlessly reconstructed in our consciousness, balanced finely between emergence and oblivion.

The project traces the locations in New York where minors were last reported seen in before they went missing. This is combined with information drawn from police reports, press releases, amber alerts, news broadcasts, and specific conversations from Reddit forums.

As a photographer I’m interested in loss and how we project our emotions into the landscape associated with it. Through exploration of how we consciously distort our perception and create fictional clues, the project hopes to understand our desire for closure in a situation that is enveloped with guilt and denial.

Download Last Seen as pdf here. Originally the zine is printed on newsprint grade paper with pigment transfer photocopy process to mimic the xeroxed missing posters in NYC.

Last Seen has been exhibited at :
Ballarat International Foto Biennale (2015)
Notes To The Future – Space the Passenger, Mexico City (2017)
Notes To The Future – Short Gallery & Olga Piedrahita, Bogata, Colombia (2017)
Awake 10 x 10 Festival at Magnum Foundation (2017)
Awake Reading Room - Massachusetts College of Art & Design (2017)
UMass Dartmouth (2018)

Other Formats :
Last Seen was also presented as a transmedia project in ICP Digital Media Labs in 2015

StudioBhoan - London | New Delhi