Field Of Souls

Fields of Souls (working title) is the first chapter in a photographic anthology focused on migration and the great forces sculpting the refugee movements.

Photographed in Denmark, the images are built around personal narratives of asylum seekers, discussion of their journey and the circumstances that lead to such a dislocation.

While interviewing and photographing the subjects, I discovered gaps in the conversation, conflicting information and translation issues. Sometimes the subject would abruptly end their narration, stating “its best to forget some things because they are too painful”.

The images suspended in a disorienting space, between dreaming and wakefulness, attempt to speak about the limbo that refugees exist in, without any assurances of acceptance. By accepting the narratives as surreal, part truth and part fiction, I hope to engage with emotional fragility and the abandonment inherent in their stories. The work seeks to initiate discussions and reshape the fabricated understanding of migration, formed by immigration policies that only recognizes specific dimensions of conflicts.

Presented as handmade collages in combination with landscapes, the images explore the extreme uncertainty, emotional trauma and underlying violence that surrounds all individuals those seek asylum in foreign lands. Torn in shapes of borders, refer to the power structures in the influential regions important to the specific subject’s story. The selection and combination of different images are directly influenced by the narrative of journey. The collage also holds impressions of my fingerprints - creating an act of participation in the shared history of migrants.

The project is currently in progress. The first chapter of Field Of Souls has been funded and supported by a generous grant by American Sufi Project. This chapter is scheduled to be exhibited in Denmark in Summer 2018 in collaboration with Welcome House Copenhagen and the Center For Art On Migration Politics.
StudioBhoan - New York | New Delhi