Blue Is The Enemy

Created as part of commission for Poplar Union Digital Arts Festival 2020.

The blinking light projects binary code translating to "blue is the enemy".

I request each subject to sit for me, to make a portrait
“You can stay for as long as you feel comfortable”
before the film we spend time talking about home, journey
They speak in different languages, I have a translator, I also record the conversation, we talk about time,
They describe days of walking,
months of paperwork,
Years to unite with families,
I question their intent, my bias,
we sit in darkness in conflict,
in agreement,
Together in a landscape of blue

Acknowledgements: Produced for Popular Union Digital Festival 2020 Commission. Originally filmed as part of Chapter One - Field Of Souls by Akshay Bhoan. Special thanks to American Sufi Project and Welcome House Copenhagen for their support.

The film will be available on Poplar Union youtube channel from 27th Nov 2020 to 27th May 2021

Festival Link - here

StudioBhoan - London | New Delhi